Last updated: 12.01.12

Epprobate aims for quality control in e-learning

A panel of experts has announced that they are developing an international quality label for e-learning resources.

Known as the 'epprobate', the initiative aims to be seen as a consortium to address the gap between new and advanced technology and the usage of such platforms in the online learning sector.

Epprobate will provide a standardised system of labelling for e-learning materials and encourage a level of collaborative improvement across the industry.

Harvey Mellar, director of the consortium, said the idea is to cement firm links between technologies such as tablets and smartphones and those who would consider using them in their learning strategies.

"During our benchmark analysis we compared existing quality grids from different nations - in the end, we agreed on a flexible grid with 11 indicators, with the courseware to be rated on each one by excellence and importance," he said.

Mr Mellar also commented that the collaboration of 16 experts from around the world has encouraged the successful introduction of epprobate, which is designed to complement rather than compete against existing models of the virtual classroom.

The quality of eLearning courseware pedagogy can't be objectively measured by size, length or weight so the system would help to classify resources for their usefulness and effectiveness in training individuals, the experts explained.

Mr Mellar advised that subjective oriented criteria will play a major role in the rating of educational materials.

Recent data from a Sky News poll showed that tablet computers are increasingly becoming more popular, with one in 12 people reportedly receiving one for Christmas.

It is predicted that eight million tablet devices will be sold this year.

Epprobate is the first international quality label for eLearning courseware.