Last updated: 19.05.11

Everyone knows a vegetarian

Vegetarians are now extremely commonplace in the UK, with most Brits knowing at least one or two people who taken up this lifestyle choice.

Helen Rossiter, Viva! food and cookery manager, said the number of people who are vegetarian in the UK means that supermarkets cater well for this group, meaning meat eaters need not fret about providing vegetarian options if they are planning a get-together this summer.

She commented: "To offer more variety, they could try rustling up something themselves, or think about a dish they want to serve and how it could be made meat-free.”

Ms Rossiter also recently claimed that there are many vegetarian options now available for people planning BBQs over the coming summer months.

She noted that both fresh and frozen foods are available in stores, including a selection of nuts and pulses, nut cutlets, spicy bean burgers, vegetarian sausages and much more.