Last updated: 23.08.11

Expert urges businesses to provide the optimum level of e-learning

An expert in online training has given his view on the amount of e-learning businesses should provide their employees with when instructing them.

Citing responses from companies using online training programs as part of their education strategies, David Patterson, project director of, argued that e-learning should not be used as a shortcut for businesses.

Mr Patterson claimed that large organisations have reported "that 80 per cent delivery of learning and training by e-learning" is too high. He claimed his company believes "60 per cent delivery is likely to be optimum".

E-learning's benefits range to far more than just the actual quality of the software, argued Mr Patterson.

He added that companies could use the technology to not only make monetary savings but also cut carbon emissions "as part of a corporate social responsibility agenda".

Meanwhile, education establishments across the Caribbean region are to be linked up through an effective international e-learning network, part-funded by the European Union and established by Cable and Wireless subsidiary Lime in a deal worth an estimated £4 million, it was announced earlier this month.