Amy Brann and the Science Behind Learning

Virtual College have partnered with Amy Brann author, keynote speaker and expert in the application of neuroscience to bring you a series of learning content designed to encourage you to think about your learning experience and how you can enhance it.

About Amy Brann

For leaders, organisations and audiences around the world, Amy Brann is changing lives. Her keynote speeches and interviews feature real science. Invaluable bite-sized, actionable takeaways from today’s latest neuroscience research are embedded in her impassioned message that our full potential is unleashed by getting more from our brains.

The author of three wildly popular game-changing books, Make Your Brain Work; Neuroscience for Coaches; and The Neuroscience Behind Creating Productive People in Successful Organizations’ focuses on bringing out the best in leaders, organisations and audiences.

Amy Brann delivers insights and thought leadership with a human touch. She aims to teach us to believe that our true potential to become the very best we can be is possible by simply leveraging the art of how to build a better brain. This notion builds on the growth mindset concept which encourages improving skills and abilities through continuous learning.

Amy Brann

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