Last updated: 28.08.14

Firms turn to e-learning for staff training

Online learning has been one of the major trends in the education world in the last few years and now companies are increasingly turning to it as an option for their staff training courses.

Many businesses find training its workforce to be a difficult area to get right, even though skills development is becoming increasingly vital for employees in a competitive job market.

Companies that can demonstrate ability to train staff well may therefore get ahead of their rivals in terms of attracting the best workers and e-learning has come is able to fill a gap in the market.

According to a report in the Epoch Times, companies using e-learning to train their staff have been able to achieve savings of as much as 75 per cent, indicating there is a major economic advantage on top of the personal benefits.

Developments in new technology have made it easier than ever for people to use e-learning and now it is commonplace for courses to be made available on smartphones and tablets, meaning students can further their education at a time and pace that suits them.

This is good news for companies as well, as they do not need to consider bringing in training specialists who can be expensive to have on the books. E-learning also means the business does not have to buy any associated learning materials, while productivity has also been shown to increase at firms embracing online learning for their staff training.

Employees are likely to be happier if they feel their company is fully investing in their development too, so using e-learning for training appears to be a series of wins all round.

With finances still tight for a lot of companies despite the improvements seen in the global economy in the last couple of years, anything that can help to reduce pressure on the bottom line of the business is likely to be considered by entrepreneurs.

And with e-learning having many other associated benefits, on top of the major cost savings, it seems inevitable employees will increasingly carry out their training via online learning methods.