Last updated: 14.01.19

First Councillor 'Prepared to Save A Life'

What is your name?

Deborah Watson

What Is Your Job Role?

Independent Councillor – Bolsover District Council

About you and what you do – tell us a little about yourself.

I have been an Independent Councillor for 12 years for Bolsover District.  I became a Councillor to represent and support the needs of local people.

Why did you sign up to do the ‘Prepared to Save a Life’ course?

Having been a supporter of the ‘community save a life scheme’ since its inception in 2012 – I was very pleased when the first aid training was made available on line though ‘prepared to save a life’ – meaning it was something accessible to everyone (with a computer) – at a time to suit them.  At a very personal level, I was faced with an emergency lifesaving situation when a member of my family needed CPR, I remember the feeling of total helplessness – and I never want to feel that way again.

What do you think about the solution now that you have successfully completed the course?

The course took me about an hour, I had to do it in a couple of half hour chunks, and I feel more confident now – were I to be faced with a life-threatening situation.   I hope a lot of people take it up – you never know when you may be called upon to help someone.

Given Prepared to Save a Life’s mission to have a life saver on every street corner – an ambitious target of 250,000 learners trained within the first year – how can you help spread the message?

I will be promoting this free course to colleagues and friends – as well as businesses I work with.