Last updated: 04.03.19

Our First Doctor 'Prepared To Save A Life'

What is your name?

Dr Michelle Wright, MBChB MRCGP

What Is Your Job Role?


About you and what you do – tell us a little about yourself.

I'm a British-trained GP now living and working in Switzerland. I work part-time as a doctor for staff members in one of the United Nations organisations in Geneva. I also have a weekly radio show about health on World Radio Switzerland – Switzerland’s English-language radio station. As well as that, I run a First Aid training and health education company called HealthFirst.

In my down time, I’m a mountain and outdoors enthusiast with a love of running, skiing and hiking.

Why did you sign up to do the ‘Prepared to Save a Life’ course?

Because of my background a the Director of a First Aid training company, I was drawn to the course as an innovative training resource.

What do you think about the solution now that you have successfully completed the course?

I believe that the more people who can learn the basic skills needed to potentially save a person’s life the better. This on-line learning resource is well thought out, teaches people the salient things that they need to remember and is a great way to empower lay people with important life skills.

Given Prepared to Save a Life’s mission to have a life saver on every street corner – an ambitious target of 250,000 learners trained within the first year – how can you help spread the message?

I have already spread the word to my friends and family living in the UK and will continue to promote this essential on-line training to them and others.

To learn more about the Prepared to Save A Life course and take part either as an individual or as an organisation click here