Last updated: 18.11.11

Flexible online training and working programs 'attract the best staff'

Employers that offer the most flexible training and working environments will attract the best talent, according to one expert.

Businesses that are looking to head hunt the best people for their workforce may like to invest in an e-learning strategy to attract them.

Easy ways to train and simple, user-friendly methods of completing a job are mostly favoured by employers, according to Jonathan Swan, research and policy manager at Working Families, the UK's leading work-life balance organisation.

"People will go to the employer who offers the best terms and conditions in terms of flexible working. The demand is there for flexible working. Employers that can match that demand stand to do well because they stand to attract the best people," he said.

Flexible working can include an interchangeable pattern of employment as well as the incorporation of new and innovative products such as online learning, which is becoming a solid foundation for training in many businesses and large organisations.

Mr Swan explained that people tend to be more productive if there is better understanding and cooperation between employee needs and the means in which employers meet them. This will encourage the workers to be more committed to their employer and result in a better performance.

Research from Office Angels showed that the five-day working week with standard working practices will be a thing of the past in 25 years when it is predicted that offices will become much more flexible with their time management and offer night-time shifts to deal with overseas clients within the global market.

David Patterson, director of, commented that companies should look to simple systems for online staff training programs whereby the learner can easily access the required information and improve their working abilities.

He mentioned that more complex modern technologies with low usability could discourage potential employers from getting involved.