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Food Hygiene Resources and Advice

Whether you’re a business looking for information to meet your legal requirements, or an individual with an interest in food preparation and safety, we offer a wide variety of free resources and advice.

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Which Food Hygiene course is right for you?

Not sure on which food hygiene course best suits you and your businesses needs? Our course picker will solve this issue.

It is essential that businesses comply with the EU Regulation 852/2004 around food hygiene to meet the required standards.

Coffee Quiz - are you a coffee connoisseur?

Whether you want to impress your friends, families and colleagues with your coffee knowledge our quiz is a great way to test yourself.

Think you know your stuff about coffee? Take our quiz to see what score you get.


Food for Thought Quiz - How Sustainable is Your Food Business?

Food waste and sustainability are currently at the top of the list of priorities for many food businesses.

It’s an important consideration both from an operational efficiency point of view and when facing scrutiny from the public, with concerns like plastic waste, recycling, and where food is sourced.

Take our quiz and see how your business is doing when it comes to sustainability and food waste.


What Food Businesses Need to Know About Food Waste

Cutting down on food waste can help the environment, boost profits for businesses, save staff members time and it also promotes good food hygiene practices.

Check out our infographic to find out What Food Businesses Need to Know About Food Waste


How to Avoid Food Wastage Top Tips

Cutting down on food waste has plenty of benefits including helping the envrionment, boost profits, save staff members time and promoting good food hygiene practices.

Take a look at our top tips on freezing foods and preparing your shopping list to help you avoid food wastage.

Test your food hygiene knowledge with our free food hygiene quiz

Do you know what happens to bacteria when food is frozen? What about the date marks required by food law in the UK?

See if you have the food hygiene knowledge to take on our beardy quizmaster and beat the ultimate food hygiene quiz.

Take the Quiz

Free e-cards - Great for sharing!

These food hygiene e-cards are great for sharing by email or social media.

The cards in this downloadable pack include tips on pest control measures, reliable waste management and appropriate staff training.

Download e-Cards

Frequently asked questions about food hygiene training

As one of the leading providers of online food hygiene and safety training, we often get asked questions about food hygiene and food safety legislation.

To help you with some of these commonly asked questions about food hygiene, we have put together an FAQ section to help you find the answers you need regarding training or food law.

Visit our FAQ section

The Food Standards Agency have been working hard to protect your plate

This free infographic includes staggering statistics about food hygiene and how the independent government department has worked across the UK to protect public health.

Food allergens

Good Food Allergen Information is Good for Business

Food handlers have a legal responsibility to serve safe food. Thats why providing good allergen information is vital if you want your customers to trust the food that you serve.

This information has been shared in partnership with the Food Standards Agency. Click below to download this infographic.


Save a customer with a simple question

The Food Standards Agency have launched a campaign for staff who work in the food and drink sector to always ask about allergies.

Coming into contact with a problem ingredient could kill some people with food allergies, keep your customers safe, it's easy to ask.


Do you ask about allergies before you order?

The Food Standards Agency understand that young people with allergies and intolerances face challenges when eating out or ordering takeaways.

They recommend to always check before you order, remember it is easy to ask.


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