Last updated: 11.06.12

Food Safety on a budget? Try Online Training!

We all think about food safety when we visit takeaways, restaurants and cafes, but how often do we look at what’s happening in our own homes and offices? The Food Standards Agency has marked this week in June as Food Safety Week, an annual event aimed at helping to promote good practice in the home and raise awareness of the dangers presented by food, whilst promoting the use of leftovers and dispelling myths.

On their current site you can request a number of leaflets and documents, and there are handy bullet points of advice such as “Understanding ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ dates”, “Use leftovers safely” and “Plan your meals”; all designed to help you eat better on a budget. Food Safety Week is also supported by the 'Love Food Hate Waste' campaign. Several local government bodies across the UK are also getting involved, setting up demonstrations and offering free advice on meal planning.

Of course, with a theme of 'budgets', as an e-learning provider we here at Virtual College know all about helping people to reduce their training costs, and our Food Hygiene courses are a great example of this; to date we’ve trained over 90,000 people with our RoSPA assured courses, and we are constantly developing the course to include updated legislation and improve delivery according to customer feedback.

In March this year, we took the decision to make the course available using a 'self-print' certificate system, which has allowed us to reduce the cost to the consumer, while still offering the choice of a premium printed and foiled display certificate. These official certificates are still preferred by many professional organisations, but for those on a budget who simply need to comply with training regulations, the self-print option still contains a quality, accredited, training course.

If you're ready to find out more and buy your online food hygiene training, you can see our range of courses here. Or, for more information on what's happening in your area for Food Safety Week, check out the Food Standards Agency website or contact your local council.