Keep Them Safe: Protecting Children from Child Sexual Exploitation free course

Thousands of children in the UK are at risk of being forced or manipulated into sexual activity in a form of abuse called child sexual exploitation.

About the Keep them safe course

This abuse can happen to any child, anywhere. Knowing what to look for is an important way you can help to protect your children.

Ivison Trust, formerly Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (Pace), and Virtual College have teamed up to provide this short (20 to 30 minutes) online course designed for parents and carers.

This free course is text and image based with no narration, a transcript of the course will be available to download once you have registered.


This course will help you to

  • Understand child sexual exploitation
  • Find out how to spot the signs
  • Know who to report any concerns to

This course will be of interest to those working with children but is NOT a replacement for a full training course; any professional seeking training in Child Sexual Exploitation should complete a full practitioners version to be competently trained in this area.

Level 2 Safeguarding Children

If you want more information on Safeguarding children Virtual College has produced a full Level 2 Safeguarding Children course.

This course has been designed for those who regularly come into contact with children through work and gives a deeper understanding of safeguarding issues and how to effectively report them when abuse is suspected.

Level 2 safeguarding children course title image