Last updated: 15.06.11

FSA celebrates popularity of food hygiene scheme

Catering businesses working towards acquiring a basic food hygiene certificate could be interested in news from the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

The organisation has announced the 150th local authority to take part in its Food Hygiene Rating Scheme, which is designed to improve the conditions in eateries across the region.

From today (June 14th), Newcastle-Under-Lyme Council will carry out thorough inspections in pubs and restaurants to encourage higher standards of hygiene.

Local residents will be offered the opportunity to consult the scores receiving by dining establishments through the FSA's website.

The organisation has advised community members to look out for a rating sticker in the window or on the door of catering businesses to ensure they have been deemed safe.

Local authorities in Scotland are able to adopt the FSA's Food Hygiene Information Scheme, which aims to encourage businesses to adhere to hygiene regulations.

As part of the programme, restaurants are awarded an inspection result showing how closely the businesses comply with requirements.