Last updated: 29.07.11

FSA initiative finds failing food hygiene businesses in Trafford

Days after Trafford metropolitan borough launched the Food Standards Agency's (FSA's) Food Hygiene Rating Scheme (FHRS), 279 businesses were found to be below par in the FSA's evaluation programme.

However, 241 food outlets passed the scheme, run in conjunction with the local authority, with the highest rating available, highlighting the broad difference in standards across the borough, reports the Messenger newspaper.

Of those that failed, the majority were evaluated as needing major improvement with a further ten requiring an urgent turnaround. However, Trafford Council pledged to "work closely with these businesses to provide advice" and other services, said Peter Molyneux, the council's corporate director of environment, transport and operations.

"I am confident by continuing to work with our local food businesses, we will not only see improved Food Standards Agency food hygiene ratings but also an improved customer experience," he added.

Awareness of food safety standards through the work of the FSA and increasing numbers of people achieving health and hygiene certificates has increased pressure on businesses to apply reasonable standards in food.

Trafford announced its incorporation into the FHRS on July 18th. People can inspect their local area's records via the FSA website.