Last updated: 18.10.11

Gaming technology 'could revolutionise e-learning'

E-learning has revolutionised the study arena in many ways, according to one company that has experienced the benefits of the virtual classroom through a new method using gaming technology.

In the present learning environment, online education to gain further skills, practical knowledge and qualifications is widely used, with most universities in developed countries opting to embrace the new era of flexible educational solutions.

EmPower, a provider of comprehensive healthcare compliance solutions through learning management systems, has suggested that experts in the education field are keen to find new ways through which students can learn faster and gain in depth and knowledge of subjects as well as improving useable skills in the electronic media.

The company has raised the idea of applying game mechanics - also known as gamification - to e-learning techniques in order to gain a diverse, interactive and fun way of teaching. The concept would combine technologies used to produce gaming applications and non-gaming mechanics as well as the core ideas of online learning technologies to provide techniques of learning.

As for revolutionising the learning arena, emPower said that e-learning training programs are an interactive mode of learning which guide students to progress at their own pace and also let learners experience many different ways of taking in information.

EmPower added: "The concept of 'layers' of objectives has been thought of [in the technologies]. Giving many segments of goals will encourage learners to pursue them in a more concentrated way.

"The aim is to encourage and motivate learners to take an interest in all the activities and therefore, regular assessment is essential to measure the success and progress of the technique."

According to the solutions provider, if concepts used can hook the learner for several hours, the engineer has undoubtedly succeeded in making the right use of gaming mechanics in e-learning.

Further scope of learning solutions will be showcased at the Learning Technologies 2012 conference, which will take place in London on January 25th and 26th at Olympia 2. Educators will get the chance to evaluate new technologies and review those already used to find methods that best suit the need for easy and flexible online learning.