Last updated: 18.04.11

Gap years 'could be a good idea for e-learning graduates'

E-learning graduates who are finding it difficult to secure work in the present market might find it a good idea to take some time out and head off on a gap year, it has been claimed.

Tom Griffiths, founder of, said there is a lack of graduate roles at present and this is causing many to find it difficult to secure work in their preferred field.

However, individuals should not give up and could add value to their CV by travelling to broaden their horizons, rather than wasting time at home twiddling their thumbs.

He commented: "You can do something that is going to add value to your CV and make you more employable by taking a gap year to work overseas, as opposed to sitting at home unemployed and becoming more unemployable."

Steve Burford, founder of, recently noted that gaining experience in a relevant field to the area graduates wish to eventually work in is now something that is a must if people want to secure their dream jobs.