Last updated: 14.11.12

Geneva College to launch workplace e-learning course

Geneva College is rolling out an undergraduate online course to older students looking for skills in human resources.

The institution's Adult Degree Completion Programme (ADCP) is geared towards individuals who already possess some college or work experience and want to build on their knowledge of workplace issues.

Applications for the e-learning - the first class for which will be delivered on March 4th next year - are now being accepted.

The ADCP will cover various topics in the professional sphere, such as employee and labour relations, group dynamics, organisational behaviour and effective supervision strategies.

It is also due to provide education on ethics and decision making within a business, styles of communication and training and development.

As a Christian faculty and founding member of the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, Geneva College incorporates the Foundational Concepts of Christian Higher Education into every aspect of its teaching.

Director of the programme Ralph Phillips noted the college has been integrating digital learning into its curriculum for years, but the ADCP is the first course to provide students with a completely virtual experience.

He added: "This enables us to expand our mission to provide quality Christian education to busy adults who don't have the time or means to go to a classroom."

To apply for the ADCP, students must have already earned a certain number of credits through the college, but those who have not done so can make it up via the Bridge Programme.

This system offers online bachelor's degrees in subjects such as Human Services, Christian Ministry Leadership and Organisational Development.

Bridge Programme classes are held either in a hybrid online format - or solely digital - and they provide students with up to 18 credits in autumn and spring terms and up to nine in the summer term.

Student Nora Sheller noted one of the reasons she was attracted to the ADCP e-learning course is its flexibility.

She concluded: "The online programme allows me to get started when I have the time, instead of waiting for my work schedule to change."