Last updated: 27.01.11

Government to deploy food hygiene police?

The fate of Wales' food safety standards and how they are monitored is apparently in the hands of the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

After first minister Carwyn Jones and e.coli expert professor Hugh Pennington called for a review of the situation, the FSA will now decide whether or not one will be launched, the Western Mail reports.

The change being considered is a conversion to policing standards through centralised law enforcement.

Sharon Mills, the mother of a five-year-old who died during a food-related outbreak of the disease, is concerned budget cuts pose a threat to local health regulations and can see the benefits of the proposed alteration.

"Bringing food inspection duties under one roof will also ensure one standard level of protection rather than varying guidelines between local authorities," she said.

The FSA is committed to adhering to the government of improving public services and making them more user-friendly.