Last updated: 24.01.12

Health and safety training addressed with online program

An insurance company has launched a new online health and safety platform to help its employees and customers better understand the rules and regulations set out by the government's Health and Safety Executive.

Insurance provider QBE is to offer some 600 courses focusing on health and safety practices in the workplace.

Covering a wide variety of areas, including construction, work at height safety, logistics, warehouse, driver safety, electrical, fire, food and hospitality, the company aims to better educate individuals and businesses about the importance of taking out sufficient insurance policies to suit their everyday needs.

Lessons on human resourcing and employee induction, and as well as those surrounding the issue of drugs and alcohol, will also be covered in depth.

The new introductory e-learning package is available for download and can be accessed at any time and on a range of devices such as tablet computers and smartphones.

Mike Barraclough, client risk manager of QBE's casualty risk management team, said: "We are often asked by clients to recommend an e-learning provider for their health and safety training programmes. This is particularly so for those companies who do not have their own in-house resources.

"We've developed this initiative in direct response to this growing demand from clients and our own desire to promote a focus on health and safety training and compliance," he added.

Furthermore, the representative stated that the idea of a virtual training system will help diverse and geographically-spread employees access important training packages even if they are absent from the workplace.

CITB-ConstructionSkills has suggested that electronic health and safety courses for manual industries such as the construction sector will see a major overhaul in the way that training sessions are delivered.

The organisation suggested that a move to an online platform will offer learning for the manual sector in an easily accessible and cohesive way.