Last updated: 25.11.10

High school district offering distance learning courses

Distance learning courses are providing a new avenue of education for students in one high school district.

According to the South Bergenite, three of the four high schools in the south of the city have begun to dabble in e-learning.

The programme, Virtual High School, allows pupils to get involved with online training courses for subjects they wish to get a better grasp on before beginning university, while still keeping up their regular studies.

Furthermore, the classes are available 24/7, giving the students more chance to fit in all their work.

Currently, at least 24 individuals are participating in the e-learning programme.

"This is pure online learning," Susan Cowell, the Virtual High School coordinator for the Lyndhurst school district, said of the new system.

The news comes as This is the West Country reported Somerset College is using similar resources after it found success with e-learning in its past.