Last updated: 24.11.11

Higher education gives a nod to online learning benefits

The coming year of 2012 is set to be a big year for e-learning in higher education as more deals are signed between providers and universities.

A report from the Australian shows that an increasing number of academic institutions are looking to online learning solutions. Further systems are set to be rolled out from next year.

Providers will look towards expanding their reach in the academic arena by making lecture notes available online in an interactive form.

Courses across education, law, health, public policy, business and economics will be converted for online delivery at universities in Australia.

Swinburne University opened applications in a venture with web recruiter SEEK to analyse online growth in the new era of funding driven by student demand.

The academic facility's deputy vice-chancellor Shirley Leitch said: "We are hoping to have 2000 students enrolled across all three teaching periods next year."

Professor Leitch added that SEEK will be involved in the marketing of the project and the enrolments of students into the online scheme.

"We're also drawing on their expertise in website design," she commented.

As well as Swinburne, Curtin University and Monash University are also looking at joining the e-learning revolution.

Curtin has planned to expand the number of programs to be offered through its virtual learning experience and also to initiate new, institution-specific courses outside of the control of an external provider.

In addition to arts and commerce programs the university will offer science, as well as double degrees with majors such as Asian studies and finance.

The, a free information resource about e-learning and learning technologies, commented that online learning offers a range of benefits in educational environments and that e-learning systems can make the experience of the user more simple and accessible.

A spokesperson for the service stated that online resources are also beneficial in the way that they are easy to manage and facilitate.