Last updated: 07.02.18

How can Enable LMS help your organisation identify strengths and weaknesses in compliance?

How can Enable LMS help your organisation identify strengths and weaknesses in compliance?

A dedicated learning management system can deliver significant benefits for organisations that want to identify strengths and weaknesses in their workforce, particularly where compliance is concerned.

Compliance training should be a top priority for any organisation that wants to achieve the highest possible standards where risk management, corporate governance and brand reputation are concerned. It's crucial that employees are fully aware of the various laws, regulations and internal policies that relate to their day-to-day work, and are taking conscious action to comply with them.

A focused compliance training programme can help employers to pinpoint particular strengths and weaknesses within their workforce. This provides an insight into what the organisation is already doing well, and where it needs to improve.

Introducing a learning management system (LMS) such as Enable from Virtual College could empower your company to deliver effective compliance training and make constructive changes on the learning and development front.

Compliance training and why it is so important

Lack of employee awareness of compliance responsibilities can lead to serious problems for companies that find themselves in violation of laws or regulations. Members of staff also need to be fully aware of how they are expected to conduct themselves in order to comply with internal policies.

Compliance training will help to ensure that employees are kept abreast of recent changes in the regulatory environment and how these developments are relevant to their day-to-day work.

In the majority of cases, staff-related compliance issues will be the result of lack of awareness or understanding, as opposed to a deliberate violation on the part of an employee. It's therefore vital to deliver training regularly, since it's easy for people to lose sight of the importance of regulations, or to simply forget how these rules apply to their jobs.

Effective compliance training can also make a big contribution to the efficiency of a business, because workers who are fully aware of their responsibilities can be left to get on with their job without constant supervision. Furthermore, well-trained employees can identify potential compliance issues before they arise, helping to protect the organisation from the financial and reputational repercussions of non-compliance.

Understand your workforce with Enable LMS

A system such as Enable LMS from Virtual College can help your organisation to ensure it is getting the most out of compliance training by identifying key strengths and weaknesses within the workforce. Training should be tailored to ensure it is relevant to the individuals taking part, with no member of staff being overlooked or left behind. Learning management systems can be instrumental in providing this guidance and structure.

Customisable reports on learner development show the levels that individual members of staff have reached in their training. Learners who are involved in similar activities or have the same goals can be grouped together to work collaboratively, either in person or in virtual classrooms or video conferences. The training experience can also be fully personalised, with individuals given their own development targets and appraisal processes.

Having a high level of understanding of your workforce and its key strengths and weaknesses is arguably more important in compliance than in any other area of business, in light of how important it is for the organisation to adhere to the rules and regulations governing its industry.

Ongoing learning and development

Consistent, ongoing learning and development makes a huge contribution not only to the success of a business, but to the productivity and satisfaction of its workforce. People who feel that they are always evolving and learning new things in their job are more likely to feel professionally fulfilled and to make a positive contribution to their organisation.

As far as compliance is concerned, regular training is particularly important to ensure that every member of the workforce is up to date with the latest changes in the regulatory environment. Being unaware of recently introduced rules cannot be used as an excuse for violating them.

An LMS such as Enable offers various features to help compliance and HR managers deliver consistent learning and development. Core components such as the user-friendly interface, events calendar and online course builder make it simple to plan and schedule regular training.

Combined with tools that provide valuable insights into the evolution of your workforce, these features can help your organisation reach and maintain the highest standards in compliance.

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