Last updated: 28.11.17

How to use Enable as an LMS collaboration tool

Working as a team or in collaboration with others isn’t a new idea, however, the way in which we work together is constantly changing. In our digital age, we want new ways to engage and collaborate, and because of this we have seen an increase in the use of technology to enhance this practice.

Why is collaboration useful in the workplace?

Collaboration takes place when two or more people work together to achieve a common goal, by sharing their individual knowledge and skills. But why is it particularly useful in the workplace?

In a work setting, we’re often told how important teamwork is; working in collaboration is just an extension of teamwork and is seen as a big contributing factor to the success of the business, as it enables employees to:

  • Think more closely about requirements and logical resolutions, as they need to be able to provide explanations for their co-workers.
  • Discover their strengths and weaknesses, and how they best fit within the business.
  • Work with a range of diverse people they might not usually have the chance to work with, especially if they’re collaborating virtually.
  • Learn from and support each other, promoting a continuous learning environment.
  • Complement each other, using their differences to plug knowledge gaps others might have.
  • Complete tasks more quickly and effectively, as tasks are shared.

This sharing of work means the responsibility for the work is also shared, allowing individuals from all levels to contribute to something bigger. This, in itself, raises motivation levels whilst putting forward a united voice – allowing individuals to contribute to the success of the business.

How can an LMS be a strong tool for collaborative working?

With advancements in technology, using cloud-based systems to work collaboratively, communicate and share information has become commonplace. Learning management systems (LMSs) are a great example of a cloud-based system which can be used as a collaboration tool within the workplace.

An LMS can improve collaboration by allowing:

  • Training materials to be centralised.
  • A single point of access for organisational information and resources.
  • Employees to share their own knowledge and resources.
  • Online communication among employees via messaging and forums, enabling distantly located team members to communicate instantly with office-based co-workers.
  • Managers to monitor and moderate discussions, as well as give feedback on the progression of projects.
  • Questions or issues to be logged and resolved quickly.
  • Announcements to be made, so everyone working on the project is on the same page and is kept up to date of the most important information.

How can the Enable LMS help?

Access anywhere, anytime

Virtual College’s Enable LMS is a cloud-based system accessible on any device, letting your workforce collaborate no matter where they are. As it supports from 2 up to 2 million people, with different licences available based on your needs, you can be sure that all employees are using the same system to collaborate, communicate and complete their training.

Assign individuals to a project based group

Employees can be assigned to as many groups as they need to be part of, which can be based on the collaborative projects they’re working on, enabling them to keep up-to-date with each project and access to all relevant resources or team members from one location.

Overview of entire projects/access rights

Managers can be set up as administrators so they can monitor projects, moderate discussions and answer any queries which might arise – giving them the ability to easily keep on top of any projects they have on the go.

Remote access for the modern workplace

As the Enable LMS is cloud-based, it can be accessed wherever your team is located. Messaging, forums and video conferencing can also be utilised to allow you to work in collaboration seamlessly, whilst events can be set-up if you need to schedule face-to-face meeting sessions.

Data storage

At Virtual College, our in-house technical team take care of the IT infrastructure using best practices for security and storage of data, so you can rest assured that all your work is backed-up, safely and securely.

Staff development and training

On top of using the Enable LMS as a collaboration tool for your organisation, it can also be used for staff development and training – so you only have to use one system for your business needs. Set development targets for your staff to meet and utilise Enable’s job roles to set and rate competency levels. With a learner record, your employees can also access further training – whether role-based or for compliance – which, in turn, can be linked to the groups they’re in, enabling them to work and learn collaboratively.

For more information about using Virtual College’s Enable LMS as a collaboration tool for your business, contact us on 01943 605976.

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