Last updated: 13.10.17

How Virtual College’s Enable Learning Management System can benefit your business for GDPR

Virtual College’s Learning Management system (LMS) can benefit your business by helping to map, visualize, report and manage the processing of your data in preparation for the upcoming GDPR. Our free GDPR overview course describes all the new changes that you need to be aware of, and must adhere to, in order become fully compliant.

GDPR in a nutshell

You must demonstrate accountability and compliance in every area of your data processing – and should ultimately ensure that you are on target to meet the 2018 deadline. If your company is currently looking for effective auditing and talent management tools to ascertain your compliance level, Virtual College’s Enable software is on hand to ensure that you understand exactly what is expected of your organisation and how you can improve. Our software allows you to identify areas of weakness and will suggests compliance improvements to best prepare you for the GDPR.

Enable LMS meets GDPR

Enable evaluates regulatory and contractual compliance to satisfy the industry regulators (such as OFSTED and the CQC) to ultimately help your organisation avoid hefty fines and prevent you from potentially having your license withdrawn. From a Talent Management perspective, Virtual College’s Enable Learning Management System allows for virtual classrooms to be established – by creating your own public or private groups.

These groups facilitate collaboration via the ease of sharing of documents and information. The LMS is ideal for projects, as well as for employees working across different offices and locations. This makes teams more agile and responsive to learning by transferring knowledge. With Enable you can also create competency levels with job roles, allowing the system to auto trigger gap-filling learning resources and activities when it detects low competency levels.

“The Trust uses the LMS to distribute some of its own specific online content. [It] plans to make additional time and cost savings by taking PowerPoint slides, previously delivered via a face to face course, and making [them into] a simple online course instead.”

- Wayne Oldfield, Trust Safeguarding Manager at the Greenwood Academies Trust

Enable as an appraisal tool

Our LMS can also function as an appraisal tool. The ‘User Admin’ function allows managers full visibility of their staff’s actions and overall performance, whether this is their scores on online assessments or their written responses to their set performance objectives and KPI’s.

Other benefits of Enable

Enable also has a full reporting function, designed to simplify the process of any audit – giving you one system which is quick and easy to manage, administrate and report from.

  • Auto-schedule favourite reports - You can add your ‘favourite’ reports to your Enable dashboard or auto-schedule them for your compliance needs as required.
  • Fully customisable LMS - You can fully customise the Enable LMS to so that it aligns with your organisations branding and colour scheme, allowing it to fit in seamlessly with your other systems and offer familiarity to your staff.
  • Time stamps and status updates – All your changes are saved as you go, if you stop at any point your progress will be saved until the next time you log in.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your organisations' level of data protection compliance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Register now for our free GDPR overview course.


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