Last updated: 11.08.12

IEDP: E-learning an effective tool for executive training

There is a place for both classroom and online learning when senior staff members are taking part in training courses, as well as blends between the two.

This is according to International Executive Development Programs (IEDP), which suggested that e-learning solutions for executives have dramatically moved on in recent years.

Currently, there are a number of "world-class executive education providers" using virtual learning environments to provide senior workers with "real value", the organisation remarked.

It pointed out that several recent examples of corporate failures revealed that companies often need "all the help they can get" when trying to improve the strengths of the personnel in their leadership teams.

This is particularly the case with those that have an international reach, the body continued.

However, it claimed many senior executives are "reluctant" to take part in online training to develop their leadership skills.

Too many people in these positions do not have any real understanding of the benefits e-learning solutions can provide to their organisation, IEDP declared.

Wondering whether or not online training courses are better or worse than traditional classroom-based academic models could be argued to be like "trying to compare apples with eggs", it stated.

It argued research conducted by the IEDP has indicated that there is room for plenty of forms of education when improving the skill sets of executives.

While earlier models of e-learning courses could indicate that online training is not an appropriate academic model for senior staff members, contemporary versions have "moved on dramatically", the body stated.

People in a company's leadership position are "increasingly being asked to deliver more with less, often on a global basis", it argued.

The group said preferences of younger generations, the advance of technology and the rapid expansion of social media suggest that the flexible solution of online learning courses "must have a role to play in the future".

IEDP focuses on increasing the effectiveness of leadership development processes on larger firms.