Last updated: 24.11.10

Indian e-learning programme 'successful'

An e-learning programme established in the Indian region of Deccan has been deemed a success.

According to the Deccan Chronicle, the online training courses offered in several municipal corporation high schools and some e-learning centres are proving a hit.

The news source reported more than 5,000 students have taken advantage of the resource and are learning IT and computer skills, along with basic publishing abilities.

Altogether, 20 different educational facilities have had systems installed.

It is hoped the free courses will increase IT literacy in India and improve residents of all ages' access to the world wide web.

In addition, teachers are offering online training courses to improve their ability to teach the subject to their pupils and it may well be that many appreciate the improved access to resources and teaching materials that the programme has produced.

Elsewhere, This is the West Country reported Somerset College is jumping on the internet teaching bandwagon