Last updated: 25.02.11

Interest 'growing' in US online learning school

A school in the US that relies entirely on e-learning technology is enjoying greater enrolment numbers, reports KiviTV.

Almost 1,000 students have signed up to the iSucceed Virtual High School, based in Boise, Idaho, with the level of interest still on the rise.

The school's principal Ra'Nae Jones suggested that online learning is a thing of the future and claimed that the trend was gaining momentum.

"If you look at most of the major universities, they are all doing online in some form. So, what we are doing is preparing kids for the next level," she said.

Social and government teacher Royce Gough also commended the school for understanding that students can learn in a variety of different ways and explained that learning online provides for such diversity.

The iSucceed Virtual High School offers courses in mathematics, arts and science, as well as in world languages, social studies and even physical education.