Last updated: 23.02.12

IPA releases e-learning course on direct investments

An online training course has been set up by the Investment Program Association (IPA).

This e-learning programme will enable broker-dealers and financial advisors to understand how direct investments can be incorporated into a wider portfolio more thoroughly.

Investments of this type are also referred to as 'alternative' and allow advisors to diversify the holdings of their clients.

A range of opportunities, including equipment leasing schemes, oil, gas, private equities, managed futures and non-listed real estate investment trusts fall in this category.

The complimentary course is the second IPA continuing education programme created by the organisation.

Called Portfolio Construction and Management Utilizing Direct Investments, the e-learning course informs people how to manage return and risk in the holdings of their clients and is one of the first of its kind offered.

It features topics relating to specific asset classes as well as the overall portfolio and the IPA claims it provides participants with a "comprehensive overview".

Consisting of eight modules, the distance learning course was developed through co-ordination between the IPA and the American College.

IPA chief executive officer and president Kevin Hogan claimed while some financial advisors are aware of the value of direct investments in a "truly diversified portfolio" and have a familiarity with the products, the e-learning programme could help them to "strengthen their overall knowledge and understanding of these solutions".

It will help them to recommend these products to their clients with a greater degree of confidence, he stated, claiming the online learning courses offered by the IPA present "valuable information" to the sector.

Participants in the remote learning course can work in their own environment and at a pace that suits them, although the programme is expected to last between two and three hours.

Senior vice-president in the Mid-Atlantic territory for Behringer Securities Rick Handrich provided a positive testimonial to the IPA's distance learning courses.

"I have completed many other types of web based education modules - this by far was the best," he stated.