Last updated: 22.12.14

Is 2015 the year of wearable technology?

In an era where technology is shaping the way we live our lives, Samsung's predictions for the New Year point to the rise of wearable technology that will benefit business leaders.

Over the last few years, wearable technology has gathered consumer interest, with devices like smart watches and fitness trackers to Google Glass and smart jackets.

But although such technologies are perhaps used less than the ever-popular smart devices like the iPhone, Samsung sees 2015 as a critical year for the advancement of these specific trends - particularly for the business industry.

Research carried out by the Korean electronics company into business attitudes found that 47 per cent of wearable technology users felt more intelligent, 61 per cent felt more informed and efficient, and 37 per cent believed the wearable device helped to boost their career development.

Speaking to the Telegraph, technology expert Ben Wood of CCS Insight said: "A wearable device can certainly help you feel more informed. Rather than having to reach for your smartphone you can quickly see who is calling or review a message and then decide whether to action it or not."

According to Samsung, from next year business leaders will rely on wearable technology to remain 'always-on', with smart watches expected to be the first wave of the predictions.

The company also predicts that wearable technology will create a new 'era of power dressing' for business leaders, with such individuals restructuring their working lives around personal 'power hours'.

Samsung's data supports the idea that people now combine work and leisure time, rather than keep them separate.

Another prediction put forward by the Korean giant is that every child born in the next 12 months will learn coding as a core subject, alongside numeracy and literacy.

This provides an insight into the required skills of business leaders of future generations.

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