Last updated: 16.12.10

Kids from disadvantaged backgrounds may benefit from E-learning

More resources need to be put into the education system to help children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This is view of Sue Fieldman, regional editor of the Good Schools Guide, who said the money needs to be spent on things that will help poorer pupils, which may include implementing E-learning courses.

She remarked: "It is no good just throwing money at schools and teachers from a government directive, with no actual source as to where the money should go and how it should be used."

More cooperation is needed between teaching staff, social workers and families so kids can be helped when they are young, as this way they will not fall behind with their studies, Ms Fieldman noted.

If children struggle with their work, they will never catch up unless they get assistance and they could be one of the "underclass" for the rest of their lives, she concluded.

Elsewhere, a recent article in the Davidson County Dispatch claimed online learning courses can prove beneficial to both pupils and schools.