Last updated: 27.04.15

Lack of business leaders, according to survey

Employers in the UK are struggling to find the right candidates to fill leadership roles, according to the Global Workforce Leadership Survey.

The research - conducted by global talent management solutions provider Saba - found that amid the arsenal of skills employers look for, leadership is the hardest to find.

The poll of HR executives found that only 36 per cent considered leadership as a strength in their organisations, while 30 per cent said they were finding it difficult to locate candidates suited to senior leadership roles.

Overall, the findings showed that the largest issues for fueling future business growth in the changing economy are the different views surrounding leadership, development and accessible online tools for effective collaboration.

Each year, around four million baby boomers retire from companies across the globe, leaving an increasing gap of talent at an executive level.

However, when it comes to developing the next generation of business leaders, many companies are missing the mark. The poll revealed that only 39 per cent of organisations surveyed offer leadership development programmes, with only 15 per cent of employees receiving such training believing it to better prepare them for the next position on the career ladder.

Dan Schawbel, founder of, said: "The bottom line is that companies need to rethink their talent management and employee engagement strategies.

"Personalised employee career development programmes, accessible tools and tracking systems and a focus on redefining and re-engaging leadership – at all levels – will help deliver on the innovation and growth that businesses require."