Last updated: 10.11.14

L&D failing to ‘get to grips with learning technologies’

Only half of organisations feel that they have the skills they need in instructional design, while just over 30 per cent have the in-house skills for digital content development, according to a new research.

Published today, the 2014 Towards Maturity Benchmark Study, which was carried out by learning and development (L&D) professionals from 45 different countries, provides a clear message that businesses need to truly understand how to design and deploy engaging digital learning experiences that both individuals and firms need and want.

The study revealed that while 90 per cent of L&D leaders are desperate to modernise their learning provision, only 30 per cent are achieving this objective, compared to 50 per cent five years ago.

Despite the fact that businesses are achieving less, their uptake of technology continues to rise. More than half of participants are using over 16 different technologies to support learning, compared to just ten back in 2011.

The top tools and resources used in L&D are e-learning courses (93 per cent), live online learning such as virtual classrooms (86 per cent), learning management systems (80 per cent) and mobile devices (74 per cent).

Laura Overton, managing director of Towards Maturity, said: “There are ongoing challenges for many L&D teams but we hope they will benefit from understanding how the best companies are modernising their learning strategy to deliver results.

“Despite the hunger to do things differently, fewer are achieving their objectives than ever before. Many are investing in technology but not achieving the results they want. This is because they are not taking action in the areas that matter.”

She added that organisations that were among the top performers demonstrate how important it is to align learning to need, rather than invest in passing fads and needless technology upgrades. Ms Overton believes the new report highlights how shared objectives between L&D and business leaders are the foundation of a successful and modern learning strategy.