Last updated: 20.12.11

Learning on the go 'is major benefit of virtual classroom'

E-learning is becoming more and more popular because it can be accessed anywhere, according to one expert who has stated that mobile technology tools are a driving force consistent with the success of distance learning.Tom Kuhlmann, editor of The Rapid E-learning Blog, which shares practical tips and tricks designed to help people get to grips with e-learning, suggested that one of the driving factors behind the growth of the mobile online learning industry is that people are able to take their resources with them wherever they go and are not restricted to a classroom setting."E-learning is quite popular, which makes sense - especially in this economy. It's also still a growing field, as the tools are becoming more powerful and there's a convergence of mobile and social media," Mr Kuhlmann commented."Some of the drivers are cost-effectiveness and the ability to deliver content to anyone, anywhere."He added that there are significant benefits surrounding the online classroom in that it gives the ability to tailor classes to specific business needs and that organisations can take it upon themselves to design their own courses.Mr Kuhlman said that the door is open for organisations to create a learning system they could not a few years ago. He explained that this heightens demand for skills to progam high-quality courses.A further benefit of designing courses that are specific to industry needs is cost-effectiveness. This will customise learning to what is necessary when training staff in a particular knowledge base, the expert mentioned.He also suggested that using online training tools could free up resources elsewhere in a business.Jonathan Bishop, a chartered IT professional fellow and chair of the Centre for Research into Online Communities and E-learning Systems at Swansea University, recently commented that online learning success is being encouraged by an increasing number of people opting for smartphone technologies that can easily host the resources needed for distance education and can be used on the go.