Last updated: 15.02.13

Macmillan uses video-based learning to train staff

Macmillan Cancer Support has revealed it is using video-based mobile learning to provide leadership and soft skills training for its 500 employees.

The charity is using the digital courses to tackle important workplace issues such as time management, appraisals, teamwork, interviewing and coaching, as well as coping with stress and assertiveness, the Training Journal reports.

It is also using a virtual learning environment, where staff are able to access education and support resources, e-learning, professional development tools and advice.

According to Lesley Maguire, Macmillan's learning technology manager, such innovative teaching techniques enable individuals to learn whenever and wherever they want. "The mobile courses will benefit our staff and they'll add value to the quality of the service that our professionals provide to cancer sufferers," she was quoted as saying.

The organisation is using "bite-sized" video training to emphasise key learning points and it has recruited celebrities such as Dawn French, Hugh Laurie and Jamie Oliver to help deliver the course material. Each installment lasts for approximately 30 minutes, but learners are able to access the content when it is most convenient for them.

Included in the instruction are video clips depicting case studies and examples of how workers should and should not behave around patients, as well as the different skills and techniques they require to thrive in the healthcare sector.

Ms Maguire explained the courses are extremely beneficial as they are "well-produced and their use of humour makes the learning engaging, memorable and fun".

This statement is likely to resonate with companies that are looking for innovative ways of training their staff and turning to an external provider could be the solution.

One business they may want to consider is Virtual College, an e-learning organisation based in West Yorkshire, which boasts its own Lean Healthcare Academy.

The institution is able to offer online modules in a variety of important issues - whether firms need to roll out learning in Capacity and Demand, Process Flow Analysis or a Lean Healthcare Overview, they will find their needs catered to at Virtual College.