Last updated: 09.05.12

Malaysian youths 'should embrace e-learning'

Young people in Malaysia will have to embrace online learning in the immediate future, an expert has said.

The Star Online reports that Datuk Wee Hong Seng, chairman of the Clifford Beers Foundation, argued youngsters should be taught how to elaborate and expound on the topics they learn, understand information they read on the internet and dissect this data.

If this occurs, they will be able to demonstrate a "complete understanding of the topic at hand", the representative declared.

He was speaking at Merdeka Place at the Target Achievers Team's best student awards presentation and educational discussion.

During the event, 60 students were rewarded with gifts and trophies by the organisation in recognition of outstanding academic performances.

All of the recipients had received top results in a series of major Malaysian qualifications.

Mr Hong Seng noted the Target Achievers Team itself has set up an e-learning system, which has enabled students to be tested over the internet and has kept teaching materials for the courses readily available for all participants.

Recently, there has been a notable advancement in the power of information technology and this has allowed lecturers and teachers to be innovative in their methods and meet the rising demands of young people, he added.

However, he pointed out that it is becoming "more of a common sight" to see young people playing with smartphones and other digital gadgets instead of "interacting with each others face to face".

"While IT does a lot of good, it should be used in moderation," he declared, arguing individuals should not always be "glued to the screens" of computing devices.

His comments complement statements recently made by PhD student at Canada's University of Prince Edward Island Bonnie Stewart, who argued that e-learning will support traditional models of education in the future, rather than totally supplant them.