Last updated: 30.12.10

Millions of children unable to access E-learning courses, study indicates

Millions of children could be missing out on E-learning courses because they do not have access to a computer or the internet at home, a charity has suggested.

According to a survey by the e-Learning Foundation, more than one million school kids do not have PC, while two million are unable to surf the web, because they have no internet connection.

Valerie Thompson, chief executive of the e-Learning Foundation, said: "With so many children swamped with gifts from family and friends over the Christmas period it is important we reflect on the fact that millions of children live in poverty."

She explained youngsters from poor households without a laptop or web connection are disadvantaged when it come to doing homework, as they are unable to research or communicate with teachers or classmates via the net.

The attainment gap that characterises kids from low-income homes is going to get worse, Ms Thompson noted.

Last week, Richard Harris, director of 7Safe, suggested parents are responsible for ensuring their children are using the internet safely.