Last updated: 08.02.12

Millions of US students taking part in online learning

The growth of online learning has been indicated by a new report which stated more than six million students in the US used such facilities over the course of 2011.

According to the 2011 Sloan Consortium study from Babson Survey Research Group titled Going the Distance: Online Education in the United States 2011, technological advances and demands from the student population recently have led to exponential growth in e-learning.

Ashford University students were asked for the strangest places they have used the online learning facilities during their time at the educational establishment, with Kevin Daley stating he did so in a locker room ahead of a performance while he was on tour with Harlem Globetrotters.

Kristen Bennett noted she had used the e-learning options available to her during a vacation while she was relaxing in a hot tub, while Silke Magahan also logged in during a family break at Walt Disney World in Florida.

"In an airplane hangar with military families during a senator's speech. I was responding to discussion posts," said Kyrica Veney, indicating the flexibility of online learning, which can be used at any time in any place by students who are not able to study via more traditional methods for a wide variety of reasons.

Victoria Ranese Kelley responded by saying she had used e-learning facilities in a karaoke bar, due to the fact she had an exam the next day, as well as a paper that needed to be handed in, while Tamara Sieja used the cigarette lighter in her car to charge a computer on a camping trip.

Earlier in the month, the University of Missouri announced the launch of a new online learning portal, which system senior associate vice-president of academic affairs Steve Graham said was due to the fact demand for e-learning is increasing all the time among students.