Last updated: 25.10.12

Morris Catholic High School launches e-learning technology

Morris Catholic High School in New Jersey has joined forces with Optimum Lightpath to roll out online learning to its students.The institution - which serves 40 towns and communities in Morris County - has taken teaching to another level since deploying a 100 per cent fibre network.Before striking a partnership with the market leader, the school suffered regular internet outages and had limited bandwidth, preventing it from delivering the latest learning technologies.President of Morris Catholic High School Michael St Pierre said: "We knew that we had to make a big change to our network infrastructure in order to introduce new technology-based learning initiatives for our students."Optimum Lightpath's Internet Voice Bundle has allowed the institution to incorporate digital teaching into its curriculum, with the help of a school podcast, new mobile applications for iPhones and Android devices and the installation of interactive whiteboards.Teachers who were previously frustrated with the difficulties of connecting to the internet for research and using online training are now experiencing greater flexibility in the classroom and have seen significant boosts in bandwidth.Matthew Alpaugh, director of communications and alumni at the school, stated: "Everything from the classroom environment and how students are learning and being engaged, to how the administration is interacting with each other and students has totally taken on a new life."This academic year, Morris Catholic has provided each of its ninth-grade students with Apple iPads and it intends to eventually do the same for students at every level.School administrators have also benefited from the partnership, as they can now freely use email and internet relay chat for communication, safe in the knowledge that bandwidth can be increased if necessary.Optimum Lightpath recently offered its services to Tekmark Global Solutions and enhanced its business performance through the installation of the Internet Voice Bundle and high-speed connectivity.