Last updated: 10.04.10

Nano iPod Competition

At the CIPD Conference in November 2009 the lucky winner was Hannah Grantham of the New Charter Housing Trust Group.

Based in Ashton-under-Lyne, New Charter Housing Trust Group exists to build and support communities in the provision of safe, comfortable, secure and affordable homes through partnership with customers and others. Regulated by the Tenant Services Authority, New Charter is one of the largest Registered Social Landlords based in the North West.

At the National Work Experience Conference also in November 2009 the winner of the Nano IPOD was P Walthorne of the Staffordshire Partnership, which helps education and business sector organisations work more closely together.

The winner of the Nano IPOD from the Learning and Skills Conference in January 2010 was Brian Neale, Training Procurement Officer for the IT Services department within a Council in the South of England.

And at the IEBE inaugural conference in March 2010, which Virtual College attended with the Nottingham Education Business Alliance, the winner was Amanda Olvanhill, Manager with the Education Business Partnership for Teesvalley

Based in Stockton on Tees, the Teesvalley Education Business Partnership exists as part of the global A4E organisation to improve people’s lives by offering help and advice, helping the disadvantaged, bringing about social change and putting equal opportunities into practice.

Our congratulations go to all our lucky winners!