Last updated: 26.11.12

New additions to the Virtual College online course catalogue

Leading e-learning provider Virtual College continues to increase its catalogue of available courses to well over 200 with these new additions in October 2012:

"The Safe Management of Hypoglycaemia" forms part of the companies work with NHS Diabetes and like it's sister courses is now available free of charge to NHS workers and students in England. As the course is subsidised it is available to the general public at a significantly reduced cost of £5 + VAT.

"Safe Sleeping for Babies - Reducing the Risk of SIDS" has been developed by our Safeguarding team and helps family workers to tackle the uncomfortable subject of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, commonly known as 'Cot Death'.

“In producing this course we have worked with a number of professionals involved in childcare” stated Alexander Bateman of the Safeguarding Children e-Academy. "We hope that by providing easy access to this type of training we can help healthcare professionals in their role and reduce the numbers of these extremely upsetting deaths".

Virtual College has also released two courses aimed at helping fundamental skills for apprenticeships, which are ideal for those currently studying or people who hope to start an apprenticeship and are looking to gain a head start.

"Understanding the Principles of Customer Service" helps you to understand how customer services is an integral part of any business, focussing on the service chain and the relationship between a customer's expectations and their satisfaction.

"Principles of Personal Responsibilities and Working in a Business Environment" is aimed at helping individuals who may be entering a workplace for the first time, or after a period of being out of work. It outlines basic rights and responsibilities of both the employer and employee, how to communicate effectively and how to plan a work balance among other subjects. These help the individual understand what is expected of them in a workplace, and what they can expect in return.

As with all Virtual College courses a demo of the content is available on our website.

By Ben Brady