Last updated: 18.06.12

NMC appoints e-learning specialist as director of distance learning

E-learning specialist Amanda Allen has been named as Northern Marinas College's (NMC) new director of distance learning education.

President of the institution Sharon Hart said she was pleased to make this appointment.

She noted Ms Allen should perform well rolling out online learning courses throughout the facility due to her experience and expertise in education and computer science, arguing these skills will be "valuable" in advancing the college's use of technology to assist education.

The new appointee had previously been distance learning education program co-ordinator for the NMC's Office of Information Technology, having taken up this position in May 2010.

She utilised this role to manage, train and configure internet faculty in the college's e-learning course management service and had helped staff to develop online training projects.

Ms Allen has attained a number of related qualifications, including a Master's Degree in Science Management and a Bachelor's in Science with concentrations in US History and Social Studies from Indiana's Oakland City University.

The specialist has also been trained in online learning management systems and taken part in conferences and webinars relating to learning technology.

Ms Allen revealed her "primary objective" in her new position will be to oversee the development and instruction of web-enhanced, hybrid and online learning courses.

Furthermore, she will train members of staff in how to take advantage of distance learning online services and how to use this tool to support the education of students and teachers.

"Our goal is to develop up to half of all courses online, while not comprising 50 per cent or more of a program, degree or certificate," the expert noted.

"We are also currently working on offering fully online degree and certificate programs," she added.

NMC was formed as an official governmental entity in May 1981 and so far, over 200,000 individuals are enrolled on its courses, while more than 300 have received degrees or certificates through events or programmes offered by the college.