Last updated: 18.07.11

Nottingham students to benefit from e-learning investment

A Nottingham school has recently invested in an interactive e-learning course for literacy.

Promoting the benefits of an independent distance learning course while reputedly greatly improving their basic literacy skills, the investment aims to help pupils who suffer from poor reading and writing skills.

The Read&Write GOLD software, published by Texthelp, "encourages and supports students who have literacy difficulties," according to Melanie Yeomans, literacy higher level teaching assistant at Ellis Guilford School in Nottingham.

Likewise, the UK's digital champion Martha Lane Fox, writing in the Guardian in June, described how "there is a growing body of evidence [showing] technology can transform people's experience of education".

The positive experience e-learning and education through software can provide "is hugely significant," she added.

Digital champions are part of the Help Pass it On digital initiative, which is designed to increase the number of people using the internet and help them harness the learning potential digital and online services can provide.