Last updated: 04.11.15

Ofsted announce plans to carry out thematic review of Prevent Duty in FE sector

Ofsted has announced plans to carry out a thematic review of the implementation of the anti-terrorism Prevent Duty in the further education (FE) sector.

The proposal was put forward to chief inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw by Ofsted's deputy director for FE and skills and independent schools, Paul Joyce.

The Prevent Duty came into force on September 21st 2015 and outlines a series of policies that FE institutions are required to put in place to prevent learners from potentially being radicalised and exposed to extremism.

According to a survey conducted by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers of its members in English FE colleges, 45 per cent of those surveyed reported not having any training around how to prevent students from being drawn into terrorism. This sparked questions about how ready the sector actually is for the duty.

Speaking about the review, Mr Joyce said: "I think it is important that we establish very early, in terms of policy, what is working and to get that good practice out. And equally to say what isn't working - what needs to be done."

He continued: "What we're interested in is ensuring that staff are aware of the prevent agenda, that staff are aware of what to do given certain circumstances - if learners were particularly at risk, do they know what action to take? - so clearly, training is a part of that."

Mr Joyce said that Ofsted inspectors would also be interested in the management of the Prevent Duty and will be asking providers about the steps they take to ensure that guest speakers are appropriate - in terms of subject knowledge and their own standing.

A spokesperson for Ofsted has concluded that the review has been agreed and preliminary work is underway.

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