Last updated: 18.02.11

Oil and gas industry 'taps into e-learning'

A new online training course illustrates rig machinery and how to use it in a way that has never been done before, according to the managing director of the firm that has produced it.

Douglas Hay of Aberdeen Drilling Consultants (ADC) was commenting on Understanding Drilling Equipment, which has been in development for two years.

It comprises 30 hours of education into eight modules, which introduce tools used in the industry and how they should be inspected, operated and maintained.

Tutorials are reinforced by insights supplied by experienced ADC engineers and associates, with the project being aimed at increasing levels of competence, safety and efficiency.

Mr Hayes believes that not only will the e-learning course benefit people entering the sector, but also current professionals who could enhance their careers by advancing their technical understanding.

Earlier this month, online learning firm Oilennium told the Norwich Evening News that the oil and gas industry is crying out for extra training.