Last updated: 14.08.12

Olympic Games 'to result in e-learning legacy'

Special London 2012 Olympic laptops are to be provided to schools across boroughs in the south-east through a scheme to promote e-learning.

Acer - a hardware and electronics company that is a Worldwide Partner of the Olympic Movement - will be providing the devices as part of the commitment to the event having a positive legacy on the country.

The laptops would have previously been used by personnel in the Olympics to support operations such as athletes' itineraries, media centres, competition scores, games management, reception, broadcaster support and information queries.

They will be wiped clean and reformatted so they can be used for online learning and will then be delivered to schools at a fraction of their original price.

Schools in London, Chingford, Essex and Charlton are to be provided with the e-learning tools, while Great Ormond Street Hospital will also be a benefactor.

All of the institutions that receive the laptops must confirm they will work alongside the e-Learning Foundation, which is a registered charity that aims to roll out virtual learning environments to all children.

It aims to improve the digital skills and educational attainment of the ten per cent of schoolchildren in the UK who cannot take part in online learning at home because they have no internet access.

UK education development for Acer Colin MacFarlane said his company is "committed through its education division to providing the best computing solutions for schools".

He revealed the firm is "delighted to be working in partnership with the e-Learning Foundation" in its plan to support students and local schools in the host boroughs for London 2012.

Chief executive of the e-Learning Foundation Valerie Thompson said: "By requiring that the school makes a commitment to continuing an e-learning programme, we are building the foundations of a sustainable programme."

When children can access technology in schools and at home, "all sorts of new and exciting learning opportunities become possible", she added.