Last updated: 15.11.18

Online Content for your Learning Management System (LMS)

Online Content for your Learning Management System (LMS)

Virtual College is helping to enhance the learner journey by enabling its online training resources to be delivered via organisations’ existing learning management platforms (LMS). The process provides a simple and rapid way to share a wide range of over 200 of Virtual College’s courses, via a learner organisation’s chosen LMS (Learning Management System).

It offers a comprehensive, yet easy to use, reporting mechanism via a dashboard which highlights, course usage, available licences and live updates at a glance. The comprehensive real-time reporting analysis is ideal to prove compliance requirements.

As learners access the content via their own organisation’s platform, it allows all learning to be maintained in a central location, providing consistency for learner engagement. Clients can request to be made aware when updated versions of Virtual College courses are available and have access to the updates at no extra cost.

Integration with Third Party LMS

All our courses are available as SCORM packages and can be shared with any third party LMS - subject to testing.

We provide a wide range of high quality, online courses which are quick and easy to implement in your own LMS and a great way to deliver effective training to your learners, which has a measurable impact on the learner’s development

Key Benefits of Sharing LMS Content

Our easy to use courses are designed to support the training and development of your staff in a cost effective manner. This will enable your business to provide the right training, skill development and ensue staff compliance with any legislation or regulation changes.

Key benefits;

  • Reduce learning and training costs
  • Faster deployment of training solutions
  • Gain new skills to advance staff career
  • Increase knowledge pool within business
  • Improvement in staff productivity
  • Reducing administrative resources of managing multiples LMS systems
  • Centralised training platform for learners, improving the learner experience
  • Availability of a wide range of content, that has a measurable impact on the learner

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