Last updated: 25.03.11

Online learning 'can provide exciting opportunities'

E-learning classes can provide teachers and students with exciting new prospects, according to an expert.

In a post on the ZDNet blog, marketing vice-president at online learning provider WiZiQ Christopher Dawson claimed that rather than replacing face-to-face classes, online learning can offer "powerful supplements" to them.

"Virtual learning, whether blended with traditional education or standing alone, means compelling new opportunities for learners and teachers alike," he said.

Mr Dawson explained how e-learning technology can cut costs for parents, as his son takes online learning courses offered by his school whenever he can, saving a significant amount on travel expenses.

Online learning courses can offer students an education that is more adaptable to their own interests, he added.

Mr Dawson also suggested his son was "hardly missing out" on the social benefits of attending campus-based courses, as his e-learning studies mean he is flexible enough to spend time with his friends.

Earlier this week, former education minister Lord Jim Knight told BBC News that online learning technology will "transform things".