Last updated: 26.01.11

Online learning classes are more 'convenient'

E-learning programs are more convenient than traditional schedules, it has been suggested.

St Louis Community College-Meramec has reacted to demand for online courses by adding 64 classes to the register, the Montage reports.

Stephanie Amm, a pupil who signed up to one of the projects, discovered it made it possible for her to go to school and still have time to be able to look after her family and job responsibilities.

Patricia Ziegler, assistant professor of information reporting technology at the institution, believes that the new teaching method is more accessible for people.

"[Students] don't have to be right there on campus. Plus, they can use it 24/7. I even have students submit work at two in the morning. I'm not up that late, but it works for them," she said.

In an article for the Deccan Chronicle, Rupashree Mitra advised those interested in doing a distance learning course to ask for clarification about where exams are held before enrolling.