Last updated: 15.05.12

Online learning 'has benefits over traditional settings'

E-learning has a number of advantages when compared with traditional classroom education.

This is according to Stock Market Digital editor Artika Shah, who wrote in Business Review India that online learning courses help teachers to develop students' knowledge of the internet.

Furthermore, it can help youngsters build self-confidence by enabling them to successfully take responsibility for their own education, she continued.

A well-designed virtual learning environment has been shown to result in higher levels of retention than instructor-led academia, while it is also more cost-effective than classrooms, she remarked.

Online training enables people to study the course from their own home, minimising the amount of time spent travelling. This provides flexibility, Ms Shah declared, noting it allows students to take a class at any time and in any location.

She called this aspect "the greatest advantage of e-learning".

Personalisation can be enacted throughout academia with online learning, as it allows students to choose materials that meet their level of knowledge, as well as their specific interests.

"E-learning offers solutions that are cost-effective, totally customisable and easy to manage and access," the specialist said.

However, Ms Shah noted it can involve significant amounts of time management and self-discipline to succeed when studying through this platform.

Motivation is essential if a person is to benefit from online courses as the academic experience "can be impersonal", she continued.

While it is "definitely helpful in teaching background and technical information", some subjects such as sports or public speaking will need to be bolstered through further assistance and are not good candidates for e-learning by itself, the expert noted.

Online learning is an emerging sector in India, creating opportunities for students and jobseekers.

"It is a field where the instructional designers, developers and graphic designers brainstorm together to develop effective and creative learning content for the instructor-led and web based courses." Ms Shah said.

The Express News Service recently reported that e-learning is also becoming popular among students in Bangalore, with young people in the Indian city commonly using digital technologies to communicate and study.