Last updated: 29.05.13

Online learning 'has many benefits for staff'

Online training is a great way for companies to adapt to the changing education landscape and support employees' different learning styles.

This is the view of Robert Donelan, head of learning services at the Association of Accounting Technicians, who explained there are more types of learner than ever before and it is important for firms to meet these various demands, Information Daily reports.

He pointed to the numerous benefits of e-learning, which include allowing employers to view and measure how staff are interacting with their respective tools. 

This means they can regularly review their resources and improve them if necessary, while they can also provide learners with their own access to information and the ability to share work with others from wherever they are in the world.

"In a competitive marketplace it is crucial to be continually meeting demand so that your offerings and your organisation can evolve," Mr Donelan stated.

The expert noted the bring your own device trend is becoming increasingly popular among businesses, with 75 per cent of employees in high-growth markets like Brazil and Russia already using their own gadgets to access learning facilities at work.

One major advantage of this for staff is that they can log on to their company's learning management system (LMS) from anywhere with an internet connection and communicate with colleagues when and wherever they wish.

Any organisations that have yet to begin using an LMS in their workplace may want to turn to the services of e-learning provider Virtual College, which boasts its own online platform entitled Enable for tracking employee progress.

Enable - which is used by more than one million people across the UK - can be used both to host courses and offer individual workers access to various areas based on their role in the business.

Mr Donelan was quoted as saying: "The future is bright in the virtual learning world but we need to be bold and allow new methods of learning to flourish."