Last updated: 23.08.11

Online learning module for driver safety launched in Australia

A Queensland-based driving safety website is offering employers a new online training course to assess their employees' level of skill on the roads.

Allowing companies to gauge driver behaviour and the level of risk on highways, the website, is hoping that its new online learning tool will stem the tide of work-related injuries as a result of driving accidents.

"The latest statistics reveal more than 50 per cent of all work-related injury fatalities resulted from traffic incidents," explained the website's chief executive Russell White.

He added that no company could afford the financial or emotional cost of "risky driving practices and not having a relevant education program in place", thereby highlighting how the growing need for improved road safety awareness could be met by online learning solutions.

Today (August 23rd), the British Institute for Advanced Motorists called for action to redress worrying statistics which showed young drivers are 15 per cent more likely to crash than older ones.